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Business Intelligence in health service

TIP GROUP Holding GmbH

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8020 Graz

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TIP GROUP Holding GmbH

Company profile

TIP GROUP® was founded in 1990 and has acquired a position in the last 20 years as the largest specialised provider of business intelligence solutions for hospitals in German-speaking countries. TIP GROUP® offers its specialised solutions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and serves its customers through its offices in Düsseldorf, Zurich and Graz. Its development headquarters are situated in Graz.

Health Care explorer® is an integrated, comprehensive and enterprise-wide business intelligence software for hospitals. All relevant data from the hospital’s existing systems (ERP, KIS and others) can be collected over interfaces into a central data warehouse. For this purpose, TIP GROUP® has programmed over 200 standardized interfaces compatible with all important operational systems (SAP, AGFA, Siemens, OPALE etc.). During the data transfer process, all data is checked, homogenised and normalised, and finally is provided in the HCe® Data Warehouse for analysis and reports across all systems. TIP GROUP®‘s Health Care explorer offers a fully automated reporting system that links economical and clinical data from internal hospital EDP systems, to be at the readily available and disposal of the respective users. Further, HCe® offers substantial analysis opportunities for diverse areas such as medical controlling, OR-controlling, material and personnel analysis etc. The product portfolio is rounded off by the integration of economical modules such as cost-centre and cost-unit accounting and elements of strategic controlling like planning, simulation, process- and risk management.

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