Xtract IS – Plug’n’Play for SAP and SQL Server Integration Services

Xtract IS is a really intelligent interface thanks to the available delta logic – and it also comes at a very fair price.
Christof Meier, Project Manager in charge at JUST AG

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The main features of Xtract IS

ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio

Integrate your SAP system (ERP, S/4HANA, BW) with SQL Server Integration Services. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can extract mass data with high performance and stability.

The Xtract IS Component Suite offers nine components to provide all kinds of SAP interface technologies. Implement your data flows in a secure and type-safe way with a graphical editor.

Xtract IS Table

To optimize the system load and network traffic, only the columns explicitly marked by the user are extracted.
It is also possible to process nearly any WHERE statement to suit the data to the user’s needs.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Xtract IS Table Join

The Table Join Component allows to mix/merge several tables. It is possible to join tables for document headers and items into one single resultset.

The Join-process takes place entirely within the SAP system, which does not require to download each single table anymore.

  • Table-comprehensive selection criteria
  • Creating a view in SAP manually not necessary anymore
  • Supports aggregations and criteria within the aggregation
  • Granularity of data will be scaled down
  • Optimization of extraction performance
Xtract IS Query

SAP queries are so popular as data suppliers because tables can be joined on the SAP end without any developer authorization. With Xtract IS Query, you can make your SAP queries directly available in the Integration Services. With a graphical user interface and full metadata support, the result is available for further processing within seconds.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Xtract IS BAPI

With the Xtract IS BAPI component you can call BAPIs or RFC function modules directly from your SSIS data flow. In doing so, the component can be regarded as a source, trans-formation or target.

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Xtract IS BW Cube

Xtract IS BW Cube is a data source for SQL Server Integration Services with which datasets can be extracted from SAP BW InfoCubes and BW queries. The dimensions, key figures and attributes to be transferred can simply be dragged and dropped into the query output. This turns complex, cubic data structures into relational data that are easy to handle.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Xtract IS OHS

Compared to traditional BW extraction via the OLAP API, the Open Hub Services (OHS) were developed by SAP so that the extraction of BW data could be made available for further electronic processing instead of just pure reporting.

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Xtract IS BW Loader

With the Xtract IS BW Loader data target, you can reroute data streams within your SSIS data flow directly in your SAP BW system. The corresponding BW InfoPackage is automatically triggered and filled in.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Xtract IS Hierarchy

Unfortunately, Open Hub Services do not support extraction from BW hierarchies. Due to this, the Xtract IS Hierarchy component was developed. It makes it possible to extract all hierarchy types from the BW. The image below shows the component at the design time. If necessary, hierarchy texts can also be read in.

Xtract IS Report

The Xtract IS Report data source for SSIS allows you to use existing ABAP reports or ABAP programs as data sources within the SSIS data flow. This technique is often used in the area of FI/CO reporting.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Xtract IS DeltaQ

The Xtract IS DeltaQ component forms the top class of the BI components for SAP access by SSIS. With its help, the Extractor API in SAP R/3 can be addressed and in such, the functionality with which BW systems also secure their data supply from the production system can be used.

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Xtract IS ODP

The ODP components is the crème de la crème when it comes to extracting data from SAP. With the help of the ODP component, users can extract what are known as SAP DataSources. The main benefit of DataSources is the integrated mechanism for incremental data extraction—a function also employed by SAP BW. By using the DataSources the ODP component eliminates the need for an SAP BW. The ODP component is Theobald Software’s response to the new SAP ODP extraction types. Additionally to DataSources, this component can also be used to extract CDS views, BW/4HANA objects, and other data sources.

ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio

feature-rich interfaces

Your advantages with Xtract IS

  • Based on SAP certified technology*
  • Minimal to zero modification in your SAP system

  • Very fast installation and configuration

  • Fast, simple, user-friendly; programming knowledge not necessary

  • Cross-module and module independent

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  • 100 % type safety with full meta data support

  • Business logic is available

  • Robust, standardized process for incremental loads (Delta Logic)

  • Seamless integration for both read and write

  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

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Frequently asked questions

Useful facts about data integration between SAP and SQL Server

If you can’t find an answer here, please write to us at support@theobald-software.com.

Xtract IS is based on our SAP certified product ERPConnect.

Xtract IS integrates itself in the Business Intelligence Studio of the SQL Servers 2010 – 2017. On the SAP side, SAP release 4.0B or BW 3.0 is the minimum requirement.

Xtract IS is licensed per server. The number of SSIS developers is irrelevant, but packages must be deployed, scheduled and executed on the dedicated server.

Every license comes with six months of maintenance. Apart from technical support via phone or email, this also includes updates for all versions that are released within this period. After the six-month maintenance period is over, an additional year of maintenance can be purchased for 20% of the license fee. There is no right for updates after expiration of maintenance.

Yes. We provide the consulting you want and need. From a single-day workshop up to a complete interface solution. Please contact us at info@theobald-software.com.