Xtract for Alteryx – Plug’n’Play for SAP and Alteryx

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The main features of Xtract for Alteryx

Seamless Integration

Alteryx is one of the leading providers of self-service data analytics and pursues a different approach as usual analyzing platform providers by offering functions for data exploration and data connection through an intuitive user interface which is up to hundred times faster. Alteryx offers the full range of exercises for data exploration and data connection with an intuitive workflow – without programming.

Xtract for Alteryx enables you to seamless integrate your SAP environment with Alteryx – without any programming knowledge and very simple by drag & drop within the Alteryx Designer. In this way you can use data out of your SAP system besides of curated data and relevant information out of to Alteryx connected sources for integrating them in one dataflow.

Xtract for Alteryx Table & TableJoin

As a data source component for Alteryx enables you the table component to extract mass data directly from SAP data tables. To optimize the system load and network traffic, only the columns explicitly marked by the user are extracted. It is also possible to process nearly any WHERE statement to suit the data to the user’s needs.

  • Data extraction can be processed in packets to handle large amounts of data
  • Asynchronous processing of data packets
  • Type safety and meta data support by 100% from SAP’s data dictionary
  • Connect more tables to one sample space
  • Resilient extraction technology for the extraction of large amounts of data
Xtract for Alteryx BW Cube

The BW Cube component enables you to extract datasets from SAP BW InfoCubes and BW queries.

The dimensions, key figures and attributes to be transferred can simply be dragged and dropped into the query output. This turns complex, cubic data structures into relational data that are easy to handle.

  • Support of BW variables (even complex selection criteria)
  • Dynamic adjustment through SSIS variables
  • Value output can be adjusted as formatted or non-formatted (e.g. for scaling factors)
  • Optional connectable currency support
  • Packeting function for large amounts of data


Your advantages with Xtract for Alteryx

  • Based on SAP certified technology*
  • Very fast installation and configuration

  • Fast, simple, user-friendly; programming knowledge not necessary

  • Minimal to zero modification in your SAP system

  • Cross-module and module independent

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  • Business logic is available

  • 100 % type safety with full meta data support

  • Central security concept

  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

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