ERPConnect Services – Nintex

SAP Integration with Nintex made easy! Use ERPConnect Services for seamless, straightforward SAP Connectivity with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for SharePoint.

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SAP und SharePoint nahtlos verbinden


The main features of the ERPConnect Services & Nintex

Business process automation

ERPConnect Services simplifies the integration of SAP data with Nintex, the leading software vendor for business process automation.
Customers who are using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms in their SharePoint environment can utilize ERPConnect Services to access SAP data in their workflow scenarios.

SAP integration with Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud is also supported by our software.

Please take a look at our success stories to get an impression of how customers successfully implemented ERPConnect Services and integrated their SAP processes with SharePoint and Nintex.

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint On-Premises

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is the business workflow automation solution for SharePoint On-Premises. In the Nintex Workflow Designer, it is possible to easily create business workflows for SharePoint sites or custom lists. Workflow building is made possible by a multitude of workflow actions.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms is a forms designer provided for Nintex Workflow, SharePoint and Office 365. With Nintex Forms, it is possible to create SharePoint (Online and On-Premises) forms by using pre-defined layouts for different applications and devices.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio