ERPConnect – for developing your own SAP interfaces

“With ERPConnect we have been able to make processes faster and more reliable and thus enhance the quality of our services.”
Stefan Reuss, Head of IT & Technology Department, Würth Industrie Service GmbH

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SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver

The main features of ERPConnect

Certified as “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”

ERPConnect is a lean .NET assembly that lets you to develop robust SAP interfaces with little effort and, above all, without requiring a complex infrastructure or additional middleware.

  • Easily invoke BAPIs and function modules with just a few lines of code [Example]
  • Send and receive IDocs [Example]
  • RFC Server [Example]
  • Supports RFC for integration with any modern SAP NetWeaver architecture
Range of efficient special classes

In addition to these standard functions, ERPConnect also offers an entire range of special classes in order to manage difficult requirements for SAP interface programming efficiently, securely and with stability:

  • Read BW objects (BEx queries) with own API [Example]
  • Read SAP tables directly via RFC (Without width restrictions)  [Example]
  • Control transactions via batch input [Example]
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio
An SAP interface with just eight lines of code

The API is intuitive, pragmatic and lets you reach your goal with a minimal effort: Develop fast, robust SAP interface applications in any .NET-capable environments.

The following code shows how it works: First an SAP connection is established which is enabled by the R3Connection class. The RFC function object represents a function module and its parameters and can be invoked with Execute().


The optional Visual Studio plugin for ERPConnect lets you design an SAP access layer with help from a graphical designer surface. The SAP objects (such as function modules, IDocs, etc.) are simply dragged and dropped into the work area.

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ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio

Frequently asked questions

Useful facts about lean .NET Assembly

If you can’t find an answer here, please contact us at

Yes, we gained “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver” for ERPConnect, which guarantees customers that ERPConnect can be seamlessly integrated with SAP.

All .Net Framework versions from 3.5 SP1, .NET Core from version 2.0 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) from version 10.0.16299 are supported by ERPConnect. A detailed compatibility matrix can be found on our OnlineHelp.

All releases from 4.0B on are supported – Unicode as well as non-Unicode.

It is sufficient to distribute only one single .NET assembly file with your application (ERPConnectXX.dll depending on which .NET-Version you are using).

ERPConnect is licensed per developer for single licenses or per customer site for all local developers. If ERPConnect is resold as part of a solution, runtime fees are required. You can find the End User License Agreement here.

All licenses include six months of maintenance. After this period the maintenance can be extended for 20 % of the list price per year. The maintenance service covers phone and email support, as well as all updates throughout the maintenance period.

Yes. We provide the consulting that suits your needs – from a single-day workshop up to a complete interface solution. Please contact us at