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Business Integration Apps for SharePoint

Perform complex SAP processes directly in SharePoint – click here and explore how it works.

Theobald Software...would you want your SAP installation to play solo?

Whether it is in the field of process integration via .NET and Sharepoint or for setting up a 3rd party Business Intelligence landscape, the Theobald suite of products offers powerful, lean interfaces. Let yourself be convinced-let us make one successful band out of all your solo players!


New Success Story with Wittenstein SE for ERPConnect Services!

Read here how Wittenstein SE enriches their SharePoint elements with SAP data by the help of our ERPConnect Services software.

Connecting your Qlik solutions to SAP data in only 6 minutes.

Just open our brand-new product video and find out how to integrate your SAP data in QlikSense and QlikView.

Empower Your Workforce with New and Engaging Ways to Get Their Work Done.

You want to learn more about our presentation relating to the SAP integration with Nintex at the Nintex InspireX in New Orleans, LA, this year? Here you have the chance to access to this presentation without any registration.

Provide SAP data without any problems in Qlik.

From now on Xtract Universal offers a seamless integration between your SAP ERP or SAP BW system and Qlik. Qlik lets you create visualisations dashboards and apps that answer your company´s most important questions. Here you can find some information about how this solution could works.