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Using Xtract Universal, you can extract and load your SAP data into any target environment.

SAP und SharePoint nahtlos verbinden

SAP integration with CSV, JSON & Parquet

SAP interface for CSV, JSON & Parquet

Xtract Universal is designed in a way that all large and common BI environments can be supplied with SAP data natively, with high performance and without major configuration effort.

To write SAP data natively into a BI environment, Xtract Universal uses the appropriate drivers or APIs of the environment. If a BI environment is not natively supported, Xtract Universal also offers generic file formats and web-based transport protocols.

SAP data can either be offered as a REST Web service (in CSV or JSON format) and consumed directly by the BI environment. Alternatively, the extracted SAP data is written to a drive as a CSV, JSON, or parquet file.

In this way, SAP data can be transferred to many BI environments without a native connection. A typical example of such a generic data transport is the usage in customer-specific systems such as self-programmed ERP, planning or analysis programs. Here, SAP data can not only be used for classic analysis or BI purposes but is often also used for master data distribution or the connection of subsystems within a business process.

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