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ORAYLIS GmbH – We turn data into value

Company profile

We turn data into value – ORAYLIS GmbH has been making good on this promise since its foundation in 1999. As a consulting firm for Business Intelligence and Big Data, we work with you to access new knowledge from existing data, thereby making a concrete contribution in terms of added value. With our Data Analytics Platform, we offer a modern analysis solution that combines Data Warehouse, Big Data and Data Analytics. The platform can be tailored to meet any requirements and is able to be constantly expanded. Meanwhile, we jointly develop concrete proposals for the digital transformation of your business in the field of Data Driven Innovation. Our work is always based on Microsoft technology. In this context, we offer a level of expertise that is unique in Germany, extending from the classic on-premises models right through to the innovative Cloud models. Our 100% success rate and long-standing customer relationships prove this perfectly.

Data Analytics Platform:

Regardless of whether you want to combine Business Intelligence and Big Data, or would rather work autonomously: thanks to its flexible architecture, the ORAYLIS Data Analytics Platform can be tailored precisely to your requirements and can be expanded in any direction in the future. As it is an integrated solution, medium to long-term, reliable analysis results based on consistent figures are guaranteed. In addition, modern self-service tools enable quick and flexible evaluations across all business sectors. You therefore receive a 360° view of the customer and your entire business.

Data Driven Innovation:

The potential for the digital transformation of business models hides in almost every data pool – including yours! In the area of Data Driven Innovation, we jointly mine this data and transfer it into the operational process. The starting point for this could be the Internet of Things, BI & Big Data in the Cloud, or Advanced Analytics. ORAYLIS has developed a process model for Data Driven Innovation, which is based on proven methods and best practices. Depending on their level of digitalization, businesses can enter at different tiers of this structured process.

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