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macs Software GmbH

Stadtweg 36
78658 Zimmern ob Rottweil

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macs Software GmbH

Company Profile

macs – management accounting systems

macs offers software solutions for the Enterprise Performance Management of all resources as well as decision support to best manage Profit and Cost. The Integrated Business Planning process functionality complies with best practice in budgeting and planning including “What-If” scenarios.

Across the globe more than 250 companies from all industries manage ROI with macs

  • Sales volumes, sales/ pricing conditions and contribution margins,
  • Cost centre activity rates and manufacturing costs,
  • Overheads,
  • Material and capacity requirements
  • Staff costs, etc.

As a result, macs delivers

  • stepped contribution margin reports,
  • income statement at customer and product level as well as aggregations,
  • balance sheet and
  • cash flow statements.

On top of that, macs offers special features:

  • Currency and multi-company capability
  • Local and international accounting standards
  • Simultaneous maintenance of a cost of sales and total cost method and
  • many other useful functions

macs generates data for meaningful reports in cooperation with SAP and all other database systems via certified interfaces, regardless of which system is installed and platform used in the business.

macs supports Financial Performance Management (FPM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in successful companies for over 20 years. With macs you have a partner to discuss at “eye level”.

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