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DOWAP specializes in supply chains and SAP SCM. Our focus is on providing creative and innovative services and solutions. Our expertise enables us to provide robust and quality services and niche software to satisfy some of the most challenging supply chains requirements.

SAP SCM Consulting Services:

We are a team of talented and dedicated SAP SCM Consultants, bringing you expertise, quality and creativity. We put the customer first and build on our knowledge of supply chains to deliver the best fitting solutions. Our field of expertise spans over all SCM modules: APO (DP, SNP and PPDS), GATP, F&R, SNC, etc.

SAP Excel Solutions for Supply Chains:

“WAPPY” is a SAP Excel solution allowing users to work with SAP directly from Excel, Access, Word or any other Office application. As such, users can work in an environment they are comfortable with, without losing the power of SAP. In addition, all interaction between SAP and Excel is done in a secure and controlled manner. The overall effect is that WAPPY helps save significant amounts of time and money by reducing complexity, providing a framework to access user-centred applications and making sure users get the most out of SAP.

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