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Using Xtract Universal, you can extract and load your SAP data into any target environment.

SAP und SharePoint nahtlos verbinden

SAP integration with Azure Storage

SAP interface for Azure Storage

Use the advantages of Azure Storage (Blob/Data Lake) for your SAP data.

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Xtract Universal – Azure Storage Destination

Make SAP data available in Azure Storage (Blob / Data Lake)

ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio

Our intelligent interface products ensure that SAP data is extracted to cloud environments securely, quickly, and efficiently. And thanks to a high degree of automation, within a short amount of time.

Various, built-in SAP data source connectors enable your data extractions and flows to be modeled efficiently. From standard to sophisticated applications: our tools will meet your demands for SAP data. For example, the extraction of mass data from SAP tables, from SAP BW InfoCubes and BEx queries, existing ABAP reports, or SAP’s native, delta-capable DataSources (BW extractors).

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SAP integration with universal destination environments

Unleash the power of your SAP data

How it works

Xtract Universal is our flexible, standalone solution for your SAP data integration needs. As part of the Xtract family, it comes with same, proven SAP data extraction capabilities as our other Xtract products.

With the Xtract Universal Designer, the user can connect to one or more SAP systems and configure SAP data extracts with only a few mouse clicks - no coding or scripting required. Data preview and logging functionality assist in the development of the various SAP data extracts.

Once the data is extracted from SAP, it can be fed directly into one of over 20 supported target environments. These include the most common database systems (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle), popular cloud storage services (AWS Redshift, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL, Snowflake), as well as leading analytics tools (Alteryx, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau).

Your SAP data feeds can be easily modified to include new data elements or feed into other destinations to accommodate your changing business requirements. No need for expensive and time-consuming ABAP coding cycles.

Xtract Universal supports both mass data replication as well as continuous, incremental SAP data feeds. Multiple SAP data extracts can run concurrently and can be fully automated and monitored. With built-in security, you will have control over who has access to your sensitive SAP data.

Using Xtract Universal, SAP data becomes available where you need it - quickly, reliably and easily.

Whether it’s databases, BI solution, analytics tools and services, cloud data warehouse and storage services – each target environment can be populated with SAP data individually. And thanks to a high degree of automation, within a short amount of time. As a standalone solution, Xtract Universal is independent of any existing ETL or data warehouse solutions and can be integrated very easily and seamlessly into your existing data integration architecture and solutions. Various, integrated SAP source connectors will ensure that you get your SAP data, regardless of where it lives, or in what shape or form it may be in.

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Xtract Universal

We have something ELSE to offer you …

Don’t have the target environment you want for your SAP data?

Let us know where you want your SAP data to go. We might already be working on the target environment you want. Otherwise, we will use our generic transport protocols to add your SAP data to environments that are not directly supported.

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Functional SAP interface

Your advantages with
Xtract Universal
  • Based on SAP certified technology*

  • Integrate your SAP data in the most different target systems

  • Very fast installation and configuration

  • Fast, simple & user-friendly; programming knowledge not necessary

  • Instant Datawarehousing for maximum design performance

  • Minimal to zero intrusion in your SAP system

  • Cross-module and module independent

  • Business logic is available

  • Robust, standardized process for incremental loads (Delta logic)

  • Central security concept

  • Central monitoring and process monitoring for complete control of SAP access

  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

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Frequently asked questions

Useful facts about
Xtract Universal

Xtract Universal is based on our SAP certified product ERPConnect.

For detailed requirements, please have a look at our OnlineHelp.

Xtract Universal is licensed per server. It is independent if our software will be installed on a productive or a non-productive server environment. In both cases a full license is required. Every destination Add-On needs to be licensed additonally.

Every license comes with six months of maintenance. Apart from technical support via phone or email, this also includes updates for all versions that are released within this period. After the six-month maintenance period is over, an additional year of maintenance can be purchased for 20% of the license fee. There is no right for updates after expiration of maintenance.

Yes. We provide the consulting you want and need. From a single-day workshop up to a complete interface solution. Please contact us at info@theobald-software.com.

If you can’t find an answer here, please write to us at support@theobald-software.com.

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