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    ERPConnect Services

    Connect SAP & SharePoint seamlessly [learn more]

  • Xtract IS

    Xtract IS

    Plug'nPlay with SAP & SSIS
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    Xtract QV

    Connect SAP & QlikView seamlessly

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    Xtract Universal

    Instant Data Warehousing with SAP data

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Xtract Universal goes Tableau

Unleash the power of your SAP data with Tableau.

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Theobald Software...would you want your SAP installation to play solo?

Whether it is in the field of process integration via .NET and Sharepoint or for setting up a 3rd party Business Intelligence landscape, the Theobald suite of products offers powerful, lean interfaces. Let yourself be convinced--let us make one successful band out of all your solo players!



BARC BI Congress

18-19 Nov. 2014, in Frankfurt a.M.

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Microsoft Ignite 2015

May 4–8, 2015, Chicago, IL

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SAP/SharePoint Apps in the Cloud

Integrate an App to SharePoint in which SAP Purchase Orders will be read from an SAP system without writing any Server-Side code

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ERPConnect Services for mobile programming

To show the potential of ERPConnect Services for mobile programming, we have created an iOS app and a Windows RT app for the SAP MM inventory process.

Move to a new office

We look forward to welcoming you since August 1st 2014 in our new and bigger office in downtown Stuttgart with a wonderful view.

Webinar - SAP Data in SharePoint via BCS

Presenter: Patrick Theobald and Brett Lonsdale. You can see the video here.