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Xtract IS Table

Extract mass data directly from SAP data tables

Xtract IS Table is a data source component for SQL Server Integration Services SQL Server (SQL Server since 2008).
It lets you extract mass data directly from SAP data tables.

To optimize the system load and network traffic, only the columns explicitly marked by the user are extracted.
It is also possible to process nearly any WHERE statement to suit the data to the user’s needs.

The image below shows a sample data flow created with Xtract IS. Two tables are extracted before being merged in the data flow (purchase order headers and order lines). The dialog box shows the component editor that is fully integrated in Visual Studio.

  • Data extraction can be processed in packets to handle large amounts of data
  • Asynchronous processing of data packets
  • SSIS variables for dynamic WHERE statements
  • Type safety and meta data support by 100% from SAP’s data dictionary
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