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Xtract IS Report

ABAP reports or ABAP programs as data sources within the SSIS data flow

The Xtract IS Report data source for SSIS allows you to use existing ABAP reports or ABAP programs as data sources within the SSIS data flow. This technique is often used in the area of FI/CO reporting. In a lot of cases, a comprehensive pool of such reports has accumulated over the years and simply cannot be replaced or reengineered.
With the Xtract IS Report component you can protect your investments, because existing logic doesn’t have to be reengineered, it can simply be reused.
The screenshot below shows the component in the layout preview. The input values (select options) are filled with values (SSIS variables if necessary). With the help of a graphical tool, the report output is split up into columns that generates the query output for further processing.

  • Use of variants is possible (even dynamic per variable)
  • Even complex reports based on an ALV grid can be generated
  • Extremely long reports are supported by asynchronous techniques (no RFC timeout)
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