ERPConnect Services - Nintex

SAP Integration with Nintex made easy! Use ERPConnect Services for seamless, straightforward SAP Connectivity with the Nintex Workflow Platform, On-Premises and in the Cloud.


ERPConnect Services simplifies the integration of SAP data with Nintex, the leading software vendor for business process automation.
Customers who are using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms in their SharePoint environment can utilize ERPConnect Services to access SAP data in their workflow scenarios.
SAP integration with Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud is also supported by our software.

What are the benefits of SAP integration with Nintex?

By shifting complex SAP processes to SharePoint and your Nintex Workflow solutions you combine the strengths of these different platforms which provides a whole variety of benefits:

  • Enhanced process availability:  By bringing SAP-bound and sometimes rarely used actions into a well-known and heavily used platform you improve the overall availability of your business processes. 
  • Collaboration-friendly environment: SharePoint is the ideal platform for team collaboration. By integrating SAP with SharePoint and Nintex it is possibly to handle business processes in a more collaborative way.
  • Less user disruption: By bringing processes from several environments (e.g. SAP, CRM, etc.) into one portal you eliminate manual and repetitive data entry.
  • Increased usability: Compared to the standard SAP GUI experience you can provide a much better usability for your process applications.
  • Lowered cost of development: SAP integration with Nintex does not require any developer skills, which saves time and costs.
  • Reduction of training time: Business processes will be handled in a familiar and more intuitive way. That means lower training costs.
  • Flexible data hub: Existing SharePoint infrastructure can be used for mobile SharePoint applications which leads to less development effort (Office 365).
  • Simple process modeling: With the Nintex Workflow Designer, you can easily adjust or expand existing workflow scenarios according to your individual requirements.
  • Mobile ready: With Nintex Forms used as a data input cockpit it is very simple to design templates for mobile devices like smartphones or tablet PCs.

Please take a look at our Success Stories to get an impression of how customers successfully implemented ERPConnect Services and integrated their SAP processes with SharePoint and Nintex.    

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint On-Premises

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is the business workflow automation solution for SharePoint On-Premises. In the Nintex Workflow Designer, it is possible to easily create business workflows for SharePoint sites or custom lists. Workflow building is made possible by a multitude of workflow actions. 

With ERPConnect Services, access to SAP data in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint On-Premises is provided by the following ways:

1. Using the Nintex Workflow Custom Actions (Call SAP Function, Read SAP Table and Query XQL) for the direct SAP integration with Nintex.

The Custom Actions are included in an ERPConnect Services license and are installed on the SharePoint server with a separate installer. After the installation, the Custom Actions are available in the Nintex Workflow Designer and can added easily to the workflow via drag & drop.

The Call SAP Function Custom Action enables you to call any remote-enabled SAP function module or BAPI for read/write access to SAP.

With the Read SAP table Custom Action it is possible to read data from any SAP table directly in a Nintex Workflow and to process the output in XML format.


The Query XQL custom action enables flexible access via XQL statements to the following SAP objects: 
- SAP Tables and Views
- SAP Queries
- SAP BW InfoCubes and BEx Queries and
- SAP Function modules (to read and write data).

2. Using web services that are created with the WebService Designer without programming based on SAP and integrate these web services in Nintex Workflow.

3. Using External Lists that are created with the BCS Connector without programming based on SAP. You can access these External Lists with the Nintex standard actions Query List, Create Item, Update Item and Delete Item.

It depends on the individual scenario which option would fit best, there is no right way. Examples for each method are documented in our OnlineHelp. Some application examples are delivered as templates and can be directly implemented and configured to your individual requirements.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) is the Nintex solution for workflow automation in the cloud running independently from Office 365 or any other Microsoft platform. Connectors to several other cloud solutions and applications are provided in NWC. 

SAP connectivity is enabled by ERPConnect Services Core, the Theobald Software solution for SAP connectivity with cloud environments. For more information about ERPConnect Services Core visit our website.

There are two possibilities for SAP integration with NWC provided with ERPConnect Services Core:

1. Use a custom connector:

With the Xtensions framework Nintex has provided the possibility to create and provide custom connectors for NWC. Theobald Software has already successfully built a custom connector for specific business scenarios (i.e. data synchronization between SAP and Salesforce) and generic calls of SAP tables und functions.



2. Call SAP integrated web services:

With the WebService Designer delivered with ERPConnect Services Core, it is possible to create SAP integrated web services that can be called with the out-of the-box Call a web service action.  


Take a look at our blog article about Salesforce synchronization to SAP using NWC and ERPConnect Services Core. 

Nintex Workflow in Office 365

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is the cloud variant of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. It comes with a workflow designer accessible in SharePoint Online similar like the one in SharePoint On-Premises. Various workflow actions for business automation processes are selectable there.   

SAP integration with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is enabled through ERP Connect Services Core, the Theobald Software solution for SAP connectivity with cloud environments. For more information about ERPConnect Services Core visit our website.

With the WebService Designer delivered with ERPConnect Services Core, it is possible to create SAP integrated web services. These web services can be called with the standard Call Web Service workflow action in Nintex for Office 365.


An example for SAP integrated web services in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 can be found in our OnlineHelp.

Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms is a forms designer provided for Nintex Workflow, SharePoint and Office 365. With Nintex Forms, it is possible to create SharePoint (Online and On-Premises) forms by using pre-defined layouts for different applications and devices.

SAP integration with Nintex Forms is enabled directly via Custom JavaScript (JS) Includes. Nintex provides the possibility to directly embed custom JavaScript Code in the Nintex Forms settings. With ERPConnect Services a JavaScript library for developers is delivered which can be used to access SAP data and integrate it in Nintex Forms. This allows various use cases of which the following are the most common:

  • Field validation: For input fields in the form it can be checked if inserted values exist in the SAP system or not. This helps to prevent users from passing non-valid values to SAP which can be an issue in some scenarios.

  • Input help/ selection lists: It is possible to access SAP data with query expressions in JavaScript and display the return values in a selection list (i.e. cascading dropdown list). The selection/query criteria could be one single field or various fields reducing the hit list more and more. This enables dynamic and flexible data selection in a variety of scenarios.

Example for dropdown list with one single selection value:

Example for dropdown list with multiple selection values:

Examples for SAP integration with Nintex Forms are provided with JavaScript code in our OnlineHelp.