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Intelligent Business Solutions


Philosophenweg 31-33
47051 Duisburg Germany

Phone: +49 203 709 002 20
Fax: +49 203 709 002 21

Friendsfactory City
Sonnenstraße 23
80331 Munich Germany

Phone: +49 89 244 1437 0
Fax: +49 89 244 1437 11


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Company profile:

Founded in 2002 the EVACO GmbH has evolved from a local IT service provider into a consultancy for the Business Discovery platform QlikView.
EVACOs main object is to transform complex data into knowledge – knowledge that allows customers to decide easier, faster and better.
Beside services for QlikView EVACO position itself as a specialist for QlikView add-ons and extensions that extend QlikView with further functions and integrate planning, analysis and reporting. Beyond the development of customized solutions and QlikView extensions EVACO builds on strong partners who deliver with its solutions high added value to QlikView users.

Contact person:

Herr Marc Dohr
Senior Sales Manager

+49 203 709 002-74