Xtract Universal - Alteryx Destination

Integrate your SAP data in your Alteryx Destination - fast, straight-forward and user-friendly.


The Xtract Universal Add-on for Alteryx enables you to integrate SAP ERP- or SAP BW data into Alteryx. Extractions are created as well as accesses released and monitored for consumers via the Universal Designer.

Alteryx takes a different approach than legacy analytics platforms by offering powerful data prep and blending capabilities through an intuitive user interface. Alteryx delivers the complete range of data preparation and blending tasks with a drag and drop workflow - no programming required.

Architecture Xtract Universal for Alteryx

Scaling and security: Enterprise-ready

Whether intended for use as a data mart solution for individual departments or subsidiaries or as part of an enterprise-wide BI strategy, Xtract Universal can meet all IT and specialist user requirements:

  • Central monitoring of all extraction activities and detailed logging
  • Wide variety of extraction types that can be used to extract data from all SAP modules and SAP BW
  • Security and user management with optional active directory linking for handling highly sensitive data
  • Integrated data type safety and traceability, from source through destination
Extraction opportunities

The Xtract Universal Component Suite offers nine components to provide all kinds of SAP interface technologies.

Integration of SAP ERP
Xtract Universal for Alteryx integration with SAP ERP

Integration of SAP BW

Xtract Universal for Alteryx integration with SAP BW

Your advantages with Xtract Universal
  • Based on SAP certified technology*
  • Integrate your SAP data in your Alteryx destination
  • Very fast installation and configuration
  • Fast, simple & user-friendly; programming knowledge not necessary
  • Minimal to zero intrusion in your SAP system
  • Cross-module and module independent
  • Business logic is available
  • Robust, standardized process for incremental loads (Delta logic)
  • Central security concept
  • Central monitoring and process monitoring for complete control of SAP access
  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.