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Business Intelligence & Solutions

Good Numbers

Via Fornace Morandi 24
35133 Padova (PD)

Fon: +39 04 97350489


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Good Numbers


We are a team of professionals specializing in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Corporate Performance Management. Since 2003 we have supported our clients contributing to data analysis and advising them in the everyday decision-making process.

We supply an All In One decision support system. Also, we design and implement analysis models, budgeting, planning and reporting systems.

We are experts in “reading” and modeling numbers through an integrated approach comprising both business and technological skills.

GOOD NUMBERS ®TM supply cutting edge BI, CPM and Business Analytics solutions through the combination of competencies, skills, BOARD and Theobald-Software technology.

GOOD NUMBERS ®TM team is highly skilled and prone to supply solutions to make your business’s data useful for the decision making people.

Whether  your concern is about sales data, accounting data, financial data, production data or logistics data, we do provide an integrated system which gives them the shape of your business in order to get information serving the company’s growth.

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