Using Xtract RS with the ReportBuilder 3.0

The ReportBuilder is a standalone application to connect with a Report Server and create reports based on shared data sources / datasets. As the ReportBuilder does not support 3rd party Data Providers, we must rely on shared data sources to be able to use Xtract RS within the Report Builder. 185continue reading →

Extracting data from SAP BW/BI via Export DataSources with Xtract IS

To extract data from an SAP BW/BI system, Xtract IS suite provides 3 different components supporting the following interfaces: MDX engine: Xtract IS BWCube component supports the MDX engine and enables the extraction of InfoCubes and BEx Queries. Open Hub Services: Xtract IS OHS component supports the Open Hub Services that allow you to distribute data from BW/BI system using Infospokes or Open Hub Destinations. Export DataSource: An Export DataSource enables the extraction of the following InfoProviders: InfoCubes, DataStores and InfoObjects. In contrast to Export DataSources, DataSources are provided to transfer data from…continue reading →

Using ERPConnect to send IDocs to your SAP system within an ETL process based on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

For SSIS based integration processes with SAP R/3, ERP and BI/BW systems, Xtract IS offers many components for SAP interface technologies: SAP Table/View, SAP Query, SAP BAPI/RFC, BW Cube (InfoCube, InfoQuery), BW Hierachy, Open Hub Services (OHS), ABAP Report, SAP DeltaQ and BWLoader (see Here is a sample scenario, if you want to send Idocs with SSIS, where the Data is in SQL Tables. 76continue reading →

Managing Errors during Delta Updates

After having established a delta process with the Xtract IS DeltaQ component, there are usually only delta updates (update mode D). If a delta update fails, you may use update mode R and fill the Request ID in the setting dialog to repeat a failed delta. If you fail to do so and just execute the next delta update a repetition of the failed delta is not possible anymore as SAP ERP only "remembers" the last delta. This is why we have to design an architecure that suppresses delta updates after a failure…continue reading →