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A software company


ve Bilgisayar Donanım Sistemleri Ltd. Şti.
Bagdat Caddesi Mizrak Konak No:194/6 Idealtepe
34841 Istanbul

Fon: +90 216 417 71 82
Fax: +90 216 417 84 95


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Trinoks located in the heart of Istanbul, designs and implements ICT solutions that can increase the performance of companies in Turkey and abroad (Romania, Russia, etc.) and gives them a competitive edge. With customer satisfaction as the main target, the team of Trinoks works closely with its customers in order to provide them with simple but powerful solutions that are quick to apply. Thanks to constant research in the world of software Technologies, the company has chosen .NET and Java as its development environment.

Producing software in n-tiered architecture, Trinoks has managed to significantly improve the performance of its products with PL-SQL and T-SQL programming in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases and ORM and LinQ technologies.

Founded in 2002, Trinoks presents  the following products developed for different areas of market:

  • AxionBlade® Express Warehouse Management System: a multilangual, fully parameterized WMS with production planning, quality control, R&D  modules included, that can be integrated with various types of ERP including SAP targeting all companies with a Warehouse to manage.
  • AxionBlade® Professional Production Tracking System: a package for shop floor automation and production monitoring and full factory automation targeting all manufacturing firms.
  • AxionBlade® Archive :A Multilingual , Parameterized WMS targeting  document archiving firms keeping physical archives.
  • FATS® Fixed Asset Tracking System:  Fixed Asset Management System, inluding depreciation and physical tracking of fixed assets, targeting financial instutions, insurance companies, universities, hospitals, etc.
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