Xtract RS - SAP Reporting with MS Reporting Services

Use Microsoft Reporting Services to create and publish powerful reports based on your SAP data without any additional staging layers. The Xtract RS data provider gives you access to SAP tables, queries, BAPIs and BW Cubes.


Xtract RS is a data provider for SAP that is optimized for Microsoft Reporting Services. As a so-called data extension, it integrates itself seamlessly in the Business Intelligence Studio and Reporting Services Server. Access is made in real-time and because it is direct, it is free of additional software layers and other middleware. When it comes to performance, this simple yet effective architecture can’t be topped.

  • Directly read SAP tables
  • SAP queries
  • RFC function modules and BAPIs
  • BW objects (cubes, query cubes and master data)

The following image shows the SAP query data source at the time of design. The input parameters can simply be linked with reporting parameters. Report variants are naturally also supported.

The following screenshot shows a BW query being called. The necessary dimensions and key figures are simply dragged into the query output and are then available in the data set within the report designer. Of course, query variables can also be linked with reporting parameters.

The preview shows how the reporting parameters are also filled from the cube and then directly transferred to the BW query.

Your advantages with Xtract RS
  • Based on SAP certified technology*
  • Real time reporting with SAP data without any delay
  • No redundant data storage
  • Single Sign-On-Scenarios available with total maintenance of SAP security
  • Any data sources from SAP ERP and SAP BW are available
  • Full integration in Reporting Services Designer from Visual Studio
  • Report-Hosting in SharePoint or other Host-Environments available without any problems
  • Entire compatibility to all SSRS-Features like Subscriptions, Report-Parameter, Shared Data Sources etc.

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer here, please write to us at support@theobald-software.com.

Is Xtract RS certified by SAP?
Xtract RS is based on our SAP certified product ERPConnect.

What about license fees?
Xtract RS is licensed per customer site. An unlimited number of SAP systems and developers is covered.

What about maintenance?
Every license comes with six months of maintenance. Apart from technical support via phone or email, this also includes updates for all versions that are released within this period. After the six-month maintenance period is over, an additional year of maintenance can be purchased for 20% of the license fee.
There is no right for updates after expiration of maintenance.

Do you offer consulting services for my SAP-interface as well?
Yes. We provide the consulting you want and need. From a single-day workshop up to a complete interface solution. Please contact us at info@theobald-software.com.