Connection between SAP and Microsoft

cMORE/Connect for SAP from pmOne AG is the perfect tool if you are looking for a faster way to build an enterprise-class data warehouse with your SAP data.
Integrate your SAP and other data with much less development effort and SAP Certified connectivity.

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The Challenge

In addition to choosing the right technology platform, one of the biggest challenges for building a BI system is clean integration of legacy systems. Microsoft SQL Server can be a good choice for organizations that extensively use SAP.

Organizations with Microsoft-based business intelligence solutions benefit from fast response times, low license and maintenance costs, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office, especially Excel. OneConnect has been developed to make the it as easy as possible for SAP users to benefit from the advantages of the Microsoft BI platform.


The Product

OneConnect meets the challenge of connecting the source systems by acting as a “universal adapter”, enabling seamless enterprise-wide integration of the Microsoft BI platform in SAP ERP environments.
The “Xtract IS component” is a core component, and is developed in partnership with pmOne. OneConnect includes many additional features for use in enterprise deployments, such as:

Companies that have SAP BW environments can use OneConnect to access the same data extractors that SAP BW uses to extract data from SAP ERP.

All data loading processes traceable through OneConnect’s standardized, detailed processing and error logging. This provides a complete overview of the data warehouse data loading processes. Monitoring helps with recognizing issues in an ETL processes early and preventing performance bottlenecks. A analytical model is included that provides detailed information down to the individual error message.

ETL packages are defined once and can be rolled out effortlessly to any number of clients and systems. Monitoring and management is still done centrally.

The system is flexible and supports customizations for handling data at the source system level, as well as transportation to the target system. Details are definable and changeable using the central console.

SAP data types are automatically converted to Microsoft SQL data types. This helps to reduce memory usage for data warehouse solutions and promote better data quality.

Integration of Microsoft BI


“OneConnect in the SAP environment is an optimal solution for the integration of Microsoft BI. As an alternative to SAP BW it has proven to be a flexible and cost effective solution.”
Patrick Theobald, Theobald Software GmbH

  • Build once, deploy anywhere
    Companies with multiple SAP clients or multi-system environments (development, test, production) will benefit from this opportunity
  • High degree of prefabrication
    Includes a set of pre-built ETL processes for the SAP modules FI, CO, SD, MM.
  • Centralized monitoring and management
    Central monitoring with error analysis capabilities and dashboard.
  • Centralized control
    Provides a central cockpit for system-wide control of data loading processes.

Benefits of CMORE/Connect

The benefit

  • Protects existing investments by fully supporting existing SAP extractors.
  • Skills and know-how can be reused.
  • Reduced licensing costs (SAP BW).
  • Enables the enterprise-wide deployment of Microsoft BI solutions for SAP ERP customers.

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