Difficult made easy by Theobald

With Xtract for Alteryx it’s all just plug ‘n’ play when it comes to using your SAP data in Alteryx.

SAP und SharePoint nahtlos verbinden


Invoice and offer

If you prefer to receive an invoice rather than paying by credit card, it would be also no problem for us – wherever you are located. You can order by fax or mail. If you need an offer or have any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@theobald-software.com.


Xtract for Alteryx Prices

Xtract for Alteryx Subscription
Xtract for Alteryx Desktop

for a single user.
(Including maintenance and support)

1,300 USD
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Xtract for Alteryx Desktop Scheduling

for a single user incl. scheduling.
(Including maintenance and support)

2,900 USD
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Xtract for Alteryx Server

for a server.
(Including maintenance and support)

11,550 USD
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This is a binding 1-year contract without right of termination before expiring.
The annual subscription price has to be balanced in advance of the payment period.

After the expiration of the contracted period the subscription will be renewed automatically for another year, if the contract is not cancelled 3 months before expiration.

All prices are excl. VAT.