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ERPConnect - Get connected to SAP

ERPConnect offers a .NET API for all kinds of SAP objects to enable easy interface implementation and design for developers (e.g. function modules, SAP queries, IDocs, RFC server, BW Cubes etc.).

Xtract IS - Plug'n'Play for SAP and SQL Server Integration Services

Integrate all kinds of SAP and BW data into your SSIS-based ETL process. The Xtract IS Suite offers nine different components to implement your data flows.

Xtract RS - SAP Reporting with MS Reporting Services

Use Microsoft Reporting Services to create and publish powerful reports based on your SAP data without any additional staging layers. The Xtract RS data provider gives you access to SAP tables, queries, BAPIs and BW Cubes.

ERPConnect Services - Connect Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

ERPConnect Services consists of three components for seamless, straightforward integration of SharePoint and your SAP ERP / BW system. It does not require any additional middleware – the integration takes place entirely within the SharePoint stack.

Xtract PPV - Connect PowerPivot with SAP

Connect all kinds of SAP Businessdata in Microsoft PowerPivot. Xtract for PowerPivot gives you access to SAP tables, Queries, BAPIs and RFC as well as BW Cubes and ABAP Reports.

Xtract Universal - Automatic Data Warehousing

Integrate your SAP data in the most different target systems - fast, straight-forward and user-friendly.

BOARD Connector - Seamless connection of BOARD and SAP

Seamlessly integrate your mySAP or SAP BW system with BOARD.