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Digital transformation for marketing, sales and service

Insight Dimensions GmbH

Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 36
71034 Böblingen

Phone: +49 7031 714 62 48
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Insight Dimensions GmbH

Company profile

Insight Dimensions Ltd. is an independent consultant and solution-provider specializing in highly effective Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management solutions. Insight Dimensions is, in addition, active with great success in the fields of Business Analysis and Reporting. Insight Dimensions can look back on over 20 years of experience in the market and currently employs more than 25 people at its company headquarters in Böblingen. Insight Dimensions’s proven service record has won the firm the trust of renowned clients like Hewlett-Packard.

Insight Dimensions develops individually-tailored business-focused IT solutions designed to facilitate the management of enterprises and to optimize decision-making processes. The product portfolio comprises various market-leading software tools for the analysis, planning, visualization and distribution of company data. These tools ensure that information is accessible across the entire enterprise in consistent form and thereby provide support in equal measure to company management, specialized company departments, and the IT division.

Insight Dimensions operates independently of manufacturers, thus ensuring the highest possible degree of objectivity. But through its cooperation agreements with several leading technology enterprises (Tableau, Alteryx, BOARD, Prophix, Cubeware, IBM Cognos und Theobald Software) Insight Dimensions is able also to guarantee modern, individual, and highly effective solutions covering a wide range of functions.

The modularly-organized spectrum of services stretches from the non-product-dependent provision of consultation, and design and conception, right up to the selection, realization and implementation of a system appropriate to the particular enterprise. In addition, Insight Dimensions remains in constant contact with its clients through the processes of operation, training, maintenance, and support and also offers comprehensive business-analysis and reporting services. Insight Dimensions works with the proven procedure PREVOLITE© and with the miscellaneous measure catalog RUBIN©.

Core competences:

  • Holistic consultancy
  • Building-up of key-figure systems and processes.
  • Taking-over of business analyses and reporting services.
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence systems using the special copyright-protected procedure PREVOLITE©.
  • Enterprise-specific visualizations: dashboards & scorecards.
  • Building-up of analytical databases (OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP).
  • Data Warehouses and Data Marts.
  • Data integration drawing on complex source systems (ERP, CRM, FAS, PPC, MES,…).
  • Maintenance and support services, and adaptation of existing systems.
  • Goal-oriented training sessions and workshops.
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