Bringing SAP business processes to the SharePoint world

WebService Designer

The WebService Designer offers a powerful, easy-to-use tool to design and deploy web services to SharePoint that wrap even complicated SAP processes in a clean and simple web service interface. SharePoint architects can make use of a variety of tools and technologies to combine SAP function modules (BAPIs) and SAP-Table accesses graphically to a program sequence. Several of these processes can be bundled and published as a single web service in SharePoint. The web service will be available for different consumers.

Besides SharePoint-Apps or web parts also mobile applications (iOS, Android or WinRT) can use SharePoint as data hub for SAP connectivity. Web services are not only used as a typical SOAP web service, but also for OData-Applications like Lightswitch.

The layer which takes authentication and coordination of connection to SAP is controlled by ECS Runtime in the central administration. So in the arrangement of SSO-Scenarios or personified accesses to SharePoint Secure Store there are no limits.

If desired, developers can rework all scenarios and functions designed by themselves also directly in Visual Studio.

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