ERPConnect Services - Connect Microsoft SharePoint and SAP seamlessly

ERPConnect Services consists of three components for seamless, straightforward integration of SharePoint, SharePoint Online as well as Office 365  and your SAP ERP / BW system. It does not require any additional middleware – the integration takes place entirely within the SharePoint stack.


Business Integration Apps are web applications developed with ERPConnect Services – Theobald Software’s SAP/SharePoint connectivity platform – which can be directly installed on your local SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online and then made available to users.

With Business Integration Apps it is possible to execute different kinds of SAP functionalities like transactions or reports and also self-service applications within your SharePoint environment.  The seamless integration of SAP processes in SharePoint brings you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

The apps allow for the users without special SAP knowledge to perform complex processes directly in SharePoint – on-premise or in SharePoint Online. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because operation is easy and intuitive.

Furthermore the apps are functioning on all prevailing devices like desktop-pc, tablet or smartphone. The responsive design allows the applications to adapt to their respective interfaces.

At the moment Theobald Software already provides a number of Business Integration Apps for selected SAP areas. You can obtain the following apps at Theobald Software and easy implement it at your company:

  • SAP Stock Info
  • SAP Quotation
  • Leave Request and Leave Approval
  • Customer Factsheet
  • CATS

The above listed applications are ready-to-use templates that demonstrate the possibilities of application development with ERPConnect Services and ERPConnect Services Runtime respectively. Feel free to customize or enhance the applications to your individual needs or to develop your own Business Integration Apps. Theobald Software will gladly support you and give you advice on this topic.

For further information on Business Integration Apps take a look on our Online-Help. You can also download installation files for every solution there (installation folder).

SAP Stock Info

The Business Integration App SAP Stock Info Solution offers an easy-to-use search screen to search for material stocks for specific material numbers and to quickly access information about material movements.

Search for a specific material number in a specific plant…


...and let the application show you the material stocks…



...and material movements.



The data can also be displayed graphically as a chart which diferrentiates the material stocks by stock types.


SAP Quotation

With the Business Integration App SAP Quotation Solution it is possible to create quotations for materials or services in SAP or to use a convenient search function to obtain data already generated from the SAP system. Whereas the SAP transaction for quotation creation consists of multiple input levels and ribbons the Business Integration App’s user interface is kept as simple as possible. Only the minimum required input fields for quotation creation are provided. It is therefore possible for users without any specific SAP knowledge to create data records which can be processed further by SAP specialists.


Enter the required data for quotation creation in SAP in the SAP Quotation Solution input screen and save the record.




The quotation has been created in SAP and can be further processed there.



By typing in the respective quotation order number in a search window you can search for existing quotations in the SAP system.


Leave Request and Leave Approval

The Leave request solution is based on the SAP employee self-service scenario for leave requests. This Business Integration App enables employees within their familiar SharePoint environment to post leave requests such as vacation or flextime to their manager for approval. Approved requests are updated directly in the corresponding SAP infotype.
Via a team calendar employees are able to get an overview about absences in their organizational unit. In addition there is the possibility to look up absence quotas such as remaining leave in a quota overview screen. 


Request a leave and post it to the manager for approval.



The manager can approve or reject the request in a special application for managers.



Approved leave requests are directly updated in the SAP system.



Get an overview of the absences in your team… 



...or your remaining days of vacation for a given time period.


Customer Factsheet

With the customer factsheet Theobald Software offers a Business Integration App which is in particularly interesting for sales representatives or managers. The application enables business users to get a quick overview about SAP customer data directly in SharePoint.
On a clearly defined screen the most important key figures and sales activities for a given customer number are listed. Especially for this application the possibility for mobile utilization should be mentioned. In general, all Business Integration Apps can also be called up in online mode via SharePoint Online and therefore used en route with almost every internet capable device (e.g. tablet pc, smartphone).  


Call a customer number and the most important customer data such as customer’s address, key figures, contact persons as well as sales orders and quotations are displayed.



See also the individual positions for orders and quotations… 



...or export the list to Microsoft Excel.



Cross Application Timesheet (CATS)

The Cross Application Timesheet (CATS) is a multi-module SAP tool for the recording of working hours and activities. With CATS companies are able to process quick and efficient invoicing on basis of their employee’s working time data.
Theobald software developed a self-service application that allows users to record working times and attendances on projects within the SAP Project System module (SAP PS).


The operation is extremely simple. Using a monthly, weekly or daily calendar the user selects the desired day and the desired time span he wants to record working times for.


A pop-up window appears in which he enters all the required data like project, network, activity as well as working time and description of the new record.



After saving the record a new entry is generated in the calendar… 



...and the recorded times are updated in CATS…



…from where you can transfer it to the Project System. 


The benefits of Business Integration Apps at a glance
  • Business applications „out-of-the box“: Business Integration Apps are ready-to-use solutions which are delivered with ERPConnect Services and only have to be installed.
  • Lean and cost-effective solution: There is no need for the installation of additional hardware (e.g. SAP Netweaver Gateway or Enterprise Portal) and technical resources.
  • Easy to implement and administrate: There are installer packages for all Business Integration Apps that only have to be executed on your target system. The administrative effort for the apps is kept to a minimum.
  • Intuitive to use applications: The operation of the appshas been designedas simple and intuitive as possible. There is no need for training expenditure.
  • Seamless SharePoint integration: The user interface has the familiar look and feel of the commonly and heavily used SharePoint environment. There is no more media disruption and adopting of data manually.
  • Flexible solution: With programming expertise it is possible to adjust or to enhance the applications to your individual needs (code and no code solution). 
  • Mobile access: All Business Integration Apps can also be accessed mobile via SharePoint Online. This enables to process routine jobs while travelling (e.g. approvals).
  • Multi-device capability: The applications can run on all common devices (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone).
  • Responsive design: The application’s user interface adapts automatically to the interface of the end device.
  • Relocation of processes: Business Integration Apps allow the relocation of complex SAP business processes from the specialist departments to employees. This will relieve the specialist departments (e.g. HR) of routine tasks. 
  • Future ability: Guarantee that future SharePoint- und SAP-Releases will be supported.
  • Proven expertise in SAP integration: Founded in 2004, Theobald Software has grown to become the leading provider for SAP integration solutions.