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PEAKBOARD – enlighten your data.

Better communication through illuminated data!

Optimize your processes with smart visualization and by connecting all your company’s relevant data. From various sources. In real-time!

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About Peakboard

Smart data visualization

Peakboard is the innovative solution on the market to visualize data and processes from different sources simultaneously, simply and understandably on displays, e.g. in production and logistics – and in real time.
Andon boards, logistics dashboards or corporate digital signage: the all-in-one solution consisting of software and hardware not only makes data visible, but also highlights the correlations. Thus, employees always have the information they need to make independent decisions and work more efficiently.

With Peakboard a wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real time.

The Peakboard Box independently retrieves data from the network and does not have an external connection if you don’t want it to have one.

Peakboard visualizes the data independently – without the need for a central server.

High-performance hardware compressed into a compact box.

Plug & play connection to a wide variety of feeder systems and databases.

Flexible use in a wide variety of areas.

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